Webelos Woods Registration Deadline

Webelos Parents,

If you have not registered your boy(s) for Webelos Woods, you have until tomorrow 9/26 to do so.  You will need to register and pay for this event through the Tentaroo website: https://mohegan.tentaroo.com/

Please drop Dan or Tom an Email to let us know your signed up so we have a count of who to expect.  We are asked to have a head count by Tuesday.


BIG MO Cancelled!

If you have not received word, BIG MO Outdoor Expo has been Cancelled for this year.  See their website for details. http://fawnsexpo.com/

Parents/Leaders Meeting Instead

Just as fun as BIG MO lets take the opportunity to meet and plan for some up coming events we need manning for.

Sunday September 25, 3:00 – 4:30 Glenwood Community Center


Pack 306 Popcorn Kickoff



The popcorn season is now in full swing.  This weekend our boys sold for an hour and a half and raised $765.00 in popcorn so far.  We are well on our way to beating last year’s total of $3,1400.00.  If you have not heard, Pack 306 is giving 1/3 of the money back to our boys.  This should encourage both the boys and all parents & guardians to get out there and sell popcorn.   This is money you can use at council to pay for things like: uniform items, camping gear, and camp dues.  This is restricted to scouting related items.



To ensure all our boys (or families with multiple boys in the pack) get their popcorn earnings properly credited to them, it is important to keep good records of the popcorn you sell on your families order form.  We encourage you to sell as a group, but please keep your records, your popcorn, and your money separate. Each family will need to hand in the money or unsold popcorn.

If you wish to sell popcorn to family/friends around world, you can have them place an order online at: http://prpopcornstore.com/


Please send an email to timranyi@gmail.com with your boys full name and account will be created for him.   You will need an ID number for your boy to receive credit for the popcorn he sells online.

Happy Selling!

9/11 Ceremony and the First Den Meeting of the 2016-2017 Season

Hello, Pack 306!!!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 season.  We kicked this season off by joining our Boy Scouts for the 9/11 flag ceremony with our public servants – police, fire, ems, and dispatchers.  Then had our first official Den meeting with a “getting to know you” round of dodgeball 😉

Many thanks to the MSP Wives for all that they do and the support they provide for our heroes.  And many thanks as well to the departments for inviting us to participate in this ceremony.

Pack 306 at the Bike Rally

Pack 306 rocked the Treasure Valley Bike Rally on Sunday.  It was a PERFECT day.  We served pulled pork, burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and snacks to the racers and their families/friends.  The boys got a chance to meet the racers, swim in Browning Pond, and serve up some awfully tasty grub to some awfully hungry folks – all while raising money for the Pack.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to lend a hand – Scouts, parents, and leaders alike.  Thanks to Whit Foster and Avatar Computing for donating and painstakingly preparing the scrumptious pulled pork headliner.  And thanks to Brett Russ and Team BUMS for inviting us to participate in another Awesome event.

Warning! Cub Scouts Fishing!

We had an awesome and beautiful day at Long Pond today.  Thanks to everyone who came out – Scouts, Leaders, and Parents alike.   The largest catch of the day was Mr. Imranyi.  (No…he didn’t make the catch.  He WAS the catch!)

All our boys came home dripping wet, smelling like worms and fish, and needing yet another shower.

Happy Scouting!!!

Closing Campfire is soon upon us

The closing campfire is at 6:15 this evening.

Today after a hearty breakfast, we packed up some necessities and took a long hike along the trails around Browning Pond and took a tour of the East Camp on the other side, where our Webelos will stay when they become Boy Scouts.  We visited each activity station and they heard about all the exciting stuff that they’ll get to do in Troop 306.

Then we had lunch with all the Boy Scouts, and got to see how the older guys do things…..a little…differently 😉