Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pack 306!!!

Spread the word to your friends and family on our Valentine’s fundraiser!  See the flyer below.
The bouquets are $45 – which includes 6 red roses, 6 colored roses, baby’s breath, and greens wrapped and delivered to your door on Monday, February 13 by a Cub Scout.

Orders can be sent to
Supplies are limited!

Thank you again, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yours in Scouting.
–Dan Wilcomb


9/11 Ceremony and the First Den Meeting of the 2016-2017 Season

Hello, Pack 306!!!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 season.  We kicked this season off by joining our Boy Scouts for the 9/11 flag ceremony with our public servants – police, fire, ems, and dispatchers.  Then had our first official Den meeting with a “getting to know you” round of dodgeball 😉

Many thanks to the MSP Wives for all that they do and the support they provide for our heroes.  And many thanks as well to the departments for inviting us to participate in this ceremony.

Warning! Cub Scouts Fishing!

We had an awesome and beautiful day at Long Pond today.  Thanks to everyone who came out – Scouts, Leaders, and Parents alike.   The largest catch of the day was Mr. Imranyi.  (No…he didn’t make the catch.  He WAS the catch!)

All our boys came home dripping wet, smelling like worms and fish, and needing yet another shower.

Happy Scouting!!!

Rocket Launch!

Our Scouts, friends, and family all met at Rutland Heights yesterday and sent the rockets they’ve been working on into the stratosphere!

Every Scout launched their own rocket (sometimes multiple launches) and we also launched all five Pack 306 Rockets – the massive Rutland Rocket, the Mean Machine, the Peacekeeper I, the newly commissioned Peacekeeper II (which reached a height of 972 feet…next year, it will top 2000 :), and the camera-carrying Imranyi special.

Here are some highlights.

4’th of July Victory!

Congrats, Scouts!  Our 4’th of July float won 2’nd place in the public service category!


Thanks to all our Scouts, Leaders, parents, and friends who helped us build the float, walked with us in the parade, and cheered us on.  Special thanks to Tom Imranyi for taking the lead on the float assembly, and to Lindy Imranyi for putting up with all of us (especially Tom).

TouchTomorrow at WPI

If it’s not raining it’s not Scouting!  We had a wet day at WPI today running between buildings and pavilions at the TouchTomorrow event.  We met an astronaut who is now working on the Mars project.  We got to touch Bite Force – the 2015 BattleBot champion.  We got to get our hair standing on end with a Tesla Coil.  We got hands-on with robots that make music and shoot hoops.  We got to wear bomb disposal gear and meet the bomb squad’s robotic helpers.  We met a mad scientist.  We made structures designed to withstand an earthquake and tested them.  We messed around with 3D printers.  Basically, this was a field day for nerds – and I think we have a few in Pack 306 🙂  Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and joined us for an awesomely fun day!


Ps: If I never hear the phrase “I need to go to the bathroom” again, it will be too soon 😉

TouchTomorrow…is TOMORROW!!!

TouchTomorrow…is TOMORROW – Saturday, June 11 – at WPI in Worcester. We are registered as a Pack, and will be carpooling from the Rutland Town Hall at 9:30am.

TouchTomorrow is a science and technology event geared toward kids with a ton of hands-on activities in robotics, astronomy, problem solving, etc. NASA is there with space suits, Mars rovers, and more. Robotics teams from across the country are showing off their latest projects. There is no cost to attend, but I need to know who’s coming so we don’t leave anyone behind.

If you can’t be there for the carpool but want to come later in the day, this page has the particulars about location and parking:

Call me at 617-974-6960 when you arrive and we will meet up with you.

Scouts and leaders should be in their Class A uniforms and bring a day pack with a lunch and a water bottle. (Food is also available on site to purchase.)

Reach for the stars!