Cub Scouting in Rutland

Pack knotPack 306 and Pack 141 are pooling resources at the start of Fall 2018 Scouting season.  The Town of Rutland, MA has been blessed with two Cub Scout Packs for over a decade.  With the changes at the council level and with the introduction of Family Scouting, now is a good time to consolidate the resources of each pack, and to make it easier for new families to join Cub Scouts in our town.  Boys and girls will  not be torn between school friends and their loyalty to a specific Cub Scout Pack. Officially, we will continue to operate as separate packs but will have joint den and Pack activities.   We expect this will help retain boys and girls in scouting and allow Rutland to grow as a scouting community.  This summer we held a joint fishing derby that was well received by all in attendance.  We thank Pack 141 for hosting.

Look at our Fall calendar for upcoming events to see how we are working together.



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