Blue & Gold – Pinewood Derby Mashup

March 11th, 2018, Pack 306 celebrated the birthday of scouting with some great food, an awesome cake and a great time together.  We finished the day with our annual Pack Pinewood Derby. The cars this year were cooler and faster than ever. Thanks to the many hands this year who help to make it a fun day.

2018 Pinewood Derby Results

Here are the standings from the Pinewood Derby.  Congratulations to  Steve Estrela for 1st place, Josh McAuliffe for 2nd place, and Jason Brum for 3rd place.

Reminder the top 8 racers are invited to race in the district’s

Grand Prix Race on March 24th.

Everyone is invited to attend there is no admission fee.   If you plan on attending please complete the following survey

Please see our calendar if you can’t make the Grand Prix.

2018 pinewood


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