Pack 306 Popcorn Kickoff



The popcorn season is now in full swing.  This weekend our boys sold for an hour and a half and raised $765.00 in popcorn so far.  We are well on our way to beating last year’s total of $3,1400.00.  If you have not heard, Pack 306 is giving 1/3 of the money back to our boys.  This should encourage both the boys and all parents & guardians to get out there and sell popcorn.   This is money you can use at council to pay for things like: uniform items, camping gear, and camp dues.  This is restricted to scouting related items.



To ensure all our boys (or families with multiple boys in the pack) get their popcorn earnings properly credited to them, it is important to keep good records of the popcorn you sell on your families order form.  We encourage you to sell as a group, but please keep your records, your popcorn, and your money separate. Each family will need to hand in the money or unsold popcorn.

If you wish to sell popcorn to family/friends around world, you can have them place an order online at:


Please send an email to with your boys full name and account will be created for him.   You will need an ID number for your boy to receive credit for the popcorn he sells online.

Happy Selling!


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