TouchTomorrow at WPI

If it’s not raining it’s not Scouting!  We had a wet day at WPI today running between buildings and pavilions at the TouchTomorrow event.  We met an astronaut who is now working on the Mars project.  We got to touch Bite Force – the 2015 BattleBot champion.  We got to get our hair standing on end with a Tesla Coil.  We got hands-on with robots that make music and shoot hoops.  We got to wear bomb disposal gear and meet the bomb squad’s robotic helpers.  We met a mad scientist.  We made structures designed to withstand an earthquake and tested them.  We messed around with 3D printers.  Basically, this was a field day for nerds – and I think we have a few in Pack 306 🙂  Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and joined us for an awesomely fun day!


Ps: If I never hear the phrase “I need to go to the bathroom” again, it will be too soon 😉


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