Blue and Gold!!!

Thank you to everyone for making tonight’s Blue and Gold ceremony a smashing success! Our Cubs may have earned their rank badges, but the fun isn’t over yet. We have a lot of upcoming events that are some of the boys’ favorites – pinewood derby, rocket launch, Wachusett mountain, and a couple other surprises we’ve got up our sleeves 🙂

I saw a lot of cameras and phones out there tonight; if you can share some of the pictures you took, we’d love to incorporate them into our album for the event.  Parents – check your e-mails for the link!

A huuuuuuuge 306 shout out to our AOL Scouts for their awesome achievement, and to the Scouts and leaders who joined us for the evening from Troop 306 to give our boys a glimpse into what awaits them.

Thank you all again for coming out tonight, and thank you all for the support you provide to our Scouts. That’s what makes this the greatest Pack in the world.

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  1. A special note for our AOL Scouts: the arrows you earned today were a reflection of all the work and dedication you have put into Scouting, and as a result – they are no small trinkets. Your arrows are authentic – created by a Navajo craftsman – and reflect as much heritage as your achievements deserve recognition. Display them with pride. You earned the highest award that Cub Scouting can offer. We are proud of every one of you.

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