Back from Webelos Woods!

Welcome Back, Webelos!

Webelos Woods this weekend was an awesome event!  We had almost our full contingent of Webelos and AOL Scouts present, and even the wet beginning on Saturday had a silver lining!

We camped with Boy Scout Troop 306 along with two other small groups in the Hickory Campsite.  Our Pack turned out the envy of the Valley with Mr. Foster’s dinner of Cowboy Casserole, and what might have been Treasure Valley’s first cross-site laser tag competition.  (We’re still not quite sure who won…but who cares?!?!)

The boys rotated through activity stations throughout the day(s), including Fire Building, Chemistry, Astronomy, Camping & Tents, Boating, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Knot Tying, Geocaching, and tons of fun games and events.  We’re still working through all the many contributions this event made toward our Webelos’ advancement.  Even the rainy start helped with some camping requirements around preparing for adverse weather.

A big thank you to Mr. Foster and Mr. Ryan for braving the weather (and the Webelos 😉 this weekend, and to our parents for all the preparation, transportation, and support that made this weekend so much fun for their Scouts.

Rock on, 306!

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