The First Official Pack 306 Geocache is Now Live!

Hello again, Pack 306!

As we jump into the new Scouting year – and with all the focus on fundraising, I thought it would be fun to introduce a bit of adventure into these early days.

Have you ever hunted for a treasure?  A real, hidden treasure?  Well guess what?  Pack 306 just hid one – here in Rutland – and YOU CAN FIND IT.

If you’re not familiar with geocaching, it’s an outdoor treasure hunting game.  The Boy Scouts have a merit badge specifically for geocaching, and many of the outdoor activities associated with the game fit inside Cub Scout advancement requirements.  It’s a great opportunity to get our boys active with friends, having fun, and learning outdoor skills at the same time.  It’s what we all signed up for!

The nature of the game:

Geocache containers are hidden and their GPS coordinates are posted.  Players use a smart phone or other GPS-enabled device to navigate to those coordinates and try to find the container.  The container includes a logbook – where finders can record their visit – as well as a pile of small goodies known as SWAG.  The rule is – you must record your visit in the logbook, and any SWAG you take from the cache must be replaced with something of equal or greater value.  (trinkets)  You must then restore the cache to its hiding place in the condition you found it (or better) so the next player can enjoy the hunt as much as you did.

The first 306 geocache is now in play – but there’s another one coming.  Our Cubs will be able to visit the first one and hear from players who have visited it, but the second one will be placed by the Scouts themselves during the upcoming season.

And there’s a twist.  The first cache included two trackable items – something we’ll talk about during one of our den meetings.  The next one will include two more.  Two of these items are a lock and a key.  Our Scouts will be able to follow these items and see if anyone in the geocaching community can bring them together.

Let the hunt begin, and watch out for Muggles!

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