2015 Fundraising Kickoff

Hello, 306!!!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Scouting season!  The leadership team has been working hard over the summer to put together an exciting schedule, a fundraising plan, and a number of new resources to make this one of our best seasons ever.

Kicking off the whole shebang are two rapidly approaching events:

  • Bike Rally at TVSR – The first is coming up in less than a week.  On August 30, we will be doing foodservice for the annual Bike Rally at Treasure Valley.  We need as many Scouts as we can muster to help hand out food, work the cash box, and restock the coolers – as well as adults to help with the food prep.  Pack leaders will be arriving at around 9:30 am in order to get everything set up and the grill running by 11:00.  Scouts and parents are welcome to arrive for setup, but our biggest need will be when serving starts at 11.  Please let me or your Den Leader know ASAP if you are available to help out with this event – and if so, what your available times are.
  • Popcorn Kickoff – Popcorn sales are our biggest fundraiser of the year, and the boys’ biggest opportunity to earn prizes and even free summer camp.  We will be having a big sales event on September 13.  We will start with a Pack meeting at the town common (weather permitting).  A group of Scouts, parents, and leaders will sell at the common, while other groups team up and canvas local neighborhoods door-to-door.  We will have product on-hand, and order sheets for future delivery of anything we’re short of.  Popcorn sales continue throughout the upcoming weeks – individual and as a Pack at local businesses and events.  We NEED as many Scouts as possible to help with this effort; this is our biggest fundraising event of the year, and it’s what allows us to keep dues low and fund activities during the year for no additional cost.  Let me or your Den Leader know if you can attend the day of the kickoff – mid morning to mid afternoon.  For those who want to keep the fun going – and fuel up after some serious selling – the popcorn kickoff will be followed the annual 306 unofficial cookout – including awesome food, zip lining, and fun for all.

Again, welcome to the new season, and on behalf of the leadership team – thank you for supporting your boys in Scouting.  We’re honored to have such a dedicated group of Scouts and parents in 306.

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