Belt Loops!

Hello 306 Cubs and parents!

Today in the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos I Den meeting, we worked on the requirements for the Photography belt loop.  For Cubs who were able to make it, we were able to cover the entire curriculum for the belt loop, as well as a couple parts of the (more involved) achievement pin.

Tyler, Jason, Spencer, Carter, Connor, and Casey will all receive their belt loop at the next pack meeting.  Good work, boys!!!

I’m looking for input from the boys and their parents on what belt loops we’d like to go after next as a Den.  Attached is a Belt Loops list – along with all the worksheets – from  I’d like to hear from everyone on what the boys’ interests are and pick a few that we can go after as a group.

Keep in mind that if your Cub is interested in achieving a belt loop on his own, all he has to do is complete the belt loop activities on the worksheet, and present them (where required) at a den meeting.  In the past, Cubs have even done their presentations on video and posted them on Vimeo!

Each worksheet contains two parts – the requirements for the belt loop (which can typically be completed in the time it takes to run a Den meeting) – and an achievement pin.  The achievement pin requires that the Cub complete the belt loop requirements, and then complete a more involved set of additional requirements for topics that they are particularly interested in.

Please discuss the Belt Loops list with your Cub and send me a couple of loops that they would like to pursue – either as a Den or individually.  And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need assistance with any of the materials or tasks.

Mr. Wilcomb

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