Tigers Update

Tiger designed by Christy Presler from the Noun Project
It was great seeing everyone today!
The Blue and Gold ceremony is this Friday (February 28’th) at 6pm in the Glenwood school cafeteria.
The boys have done a great job, and are ready to receive their Tiger badges!
We took care of the last den activities today.  There are two quick activities the boys should do with you at home before Friday evening:
  • Safety – talk about fire escapes at home – what to do, where to go – and run a fire drill.
  • Family – at a family meal, have everyone take turns telling a story about their day.  Focus on listening to others and waiting your turn.
That should finish it up, and the boys can receive their badges on Friday.
Congratulations to the boys, and I can’t wait to see you all on Friday!

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