Warning! Cub Scouts Fishing!


We had an awesome and beautiful day at Long Pond today.  Thanks to everyone who came out – Scouts, Leaders, and Parents alike.   The largest catch of the day was Mr. Imranyi.  (No…he didn’t make the catch.  He WAS the catch!)

All our boys came home dripping wet, smelling like worms and fish, and needing yet another shower.

Happy Scouting!!!

Closing Campfire is soon upon us

The closing campfire is at 6:15 this evening.

Today after a hearty breakfast, we packed up some necessities and took a long hike along the trails around Browning Pond and took a tour of the East Camp on the other side, where our Webelos will stay when they become Boy Scouts.  We visited each activity station and they heard about all the exciting stuff that they’ll get to do in Troop 306.

Then we had lunch with all the Boy Scouts, and got to see how the older guys do things…..a little…differently😉

Last Day of Camp!

We finished up our evening yesterday with twilight archery, bb, and slingshot paintball – along with an exciting showdown between “Archery Ben” and “BB Jen”.

Today we’re doing an endurance hike around Browning Pond to the Boy Scout (East Side) of the camp, along with other fun activities.  The boys are rolling out of bed and the bleary-eyed leaders are chugging coffee.  More to come!  (Coffee, I mean😉

Disaster at Treasure Valley! (OK…Not really.)

We had a surprise visit today from the Rutland Fire Department, who brought a few of their toys for our Webelos to play with.

Regrettably, many cubs required emergency resuscitation.  (Please overlook the fact that they’re all giggling whilst on the gurney😉

More to come!

Day 3!

Apologies for the lack of updates earlier today.  With the deluge last night, our Scouts (and moreso certain leaders) were a bit moist this morning as we traveled from the campsite to breakfast.  And since my phone is decidely NOT indestructible, I left it high and dry until the rain stopped.

After breakfast, we made leatherworking projects, then went swimming and played water basketball, had service, played capture the flag and cat & mouse, and we are currently at the archery range.  Everyone’s drying off and in good spirits.  Next stop…BOATING!

Day 2 wrapping up

Day 2 consisted of swimming, rock climbing, scoutcraft (campfire building), shooting sports, more GaGa ball, shooting “cannons” at “pirate ships”, an hour-long hike up to “Samson’s Pebble”, bottle rockets, and everyone losing “the game”. (Don’t ask.). It ended with the staff hanging with us at our campsite and having a vigorous debate about which skill station was the coolest.  Tomorrow…a skill station smackdown is brewing😉  We also identified murderers in our midst (more on that game later) and found out why he’s named “Stone”

More to come!!!