Pack 306 Pinewood Derby 2017

Despite moving this event a few times, the Pinewood Derby was a success. This year’s derby introduced several very cool cars and some tried and true designs.  Thank you for all that came out to make this an awesome race.





Despite Logan’s Cobra car slithering to the finish, he was excited to race.




Winner’s Circle

  • 1st – Warren Day (∑=29.9346)
  • 2nd – Johnathan Tanasi (∑=31.5584)
  • 3rd –  Andrew Nieves (∑=32.5325)




Race Standings

Each racer ran 3 times in each of the three lanes.  The shortest cumulative times took the home a trophy.






Pack 306 Raingutter Regatta 2017

Our Raingutter Regatta was a fun time for all. It gave the boys a chance to show off their craftsmanship and some friendly competition.

Thank you all for pulling this off on a hectic holiday weekend.




Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pack 306!!!

Spread the word to your friends and family on our Valentine’s fundraiser!  See the flyer below.
The bouquets are $45 – which includes 6 red roses, 6 colored roses, baby’s breath, and greens wrapped and delivered to your door on Monday, February 13 by a Cub Scout.

Orders can be sent to
Supplies are limited!

Thank you again, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yours in Scouting.
–Dan Wilcomb


Scouts at the Spook-O-Ree!

Pack 306 had a great time at the Spook-O-Ree tonight at Treasure Valley! Here’s a good shot of part of our crew.  Please ignore the fact that three kids are invisible. Points if you can spot them 🙂  Also please ignore that 306 has officially transitioned to the dark side.  And that Slenderman is officially sponsoring the event.  And that we have pirates in our midst.  I think Ironman and the fairy princess are our token good people.  Everyone else looks pretty sketchy 😉  Happy Halloween 306!!!

Popcorn Show & Sell


Scouts and Parents,

This Sunday Oct 16th, we are invited by St. Patrick Parish to Show & Sell our popcorn.  For this one day, the money we raise will go directly to the parish as a donation.  The Parish is taking up a collection for Hurricane victims relief.  This will allow us to sell our popcorn inventory, allow the boys to work toward prizes, but above all support St. Patrick Parish in this great cause.

We will have a table after each service:

Please let use know if you can make it by accepting one of the two Facebook invites above.
Not a Facebooker – then send me a mail to let me know which time you can make it.