Webelos Woods Registration Opening Soon

Registration for Webelos Woods will be opening in Mid August this year.  This is an event that typically sells out, so be sure to sign up early and take advantage of early-bird savings.

Webelos Woods is a two-night camping adventure running October 2-4 in Treasure Valley.  Open to all Webelos and Arrow of Light / Webelos II Scouts, this is the premier event to introduce these Scouts to the world of adventure that awaits them in Boy Scouts when they cross over to the Troop.  This year’s program incorporates a number of changes and updates that will make this the most exciting Webelos Woods EVER!

Webelos and AOL parents – keep an eye out for an update when registration opens and make sure to sign up early!

Promotional video for 2015

Footage from last year’s event

Rocket Launch Awesomeness


The first annual Pack 306 rocket launch was a huge success!  Thanks to all the Scouts for making this a fun and safe adventure, and to all the parents for jumping in and helping out where needed.  In addition to the Scouts all launching their own rockets, this launch marked the maiden voyage of the massive Pack 306 “Rutland Rocket”.

If anyone wants to launch their rockets again during the summer – or build bigger, more complex rockets and launch them – Pack 306 has launch equipment for rockets of every size.  (And many of our kids are looking for ANY excuse to send another missile into the stratosphere :)  Contact me at dwilcomb@icloud.com or 617-974-6960.

Rocket Launch Tomorrow!

One last reminder that tomorrow, June 20, is our rocket launch event at 10:30am.  (Details here)  If you haven’t built a rocket – no sweat!  We have some pre-built and ready to go!  Hope to see everyone there!

The Rocket Launch is Tomorrow!

Hello, Pack 306!  This Saturday – June 20 – is our first annual Rocket Launch at 10:30am!  Many of the boys have built rocket kits at home or during our den meetings that we will launch at this event.  The kit is provided free of charge, so if you don’t have one – let me know ASAP at dwilcomb@icloud.com or 617-974-6960.  Engines, igniters, and launch equipment will be present at the launch.

Assembly takes less than an hour with household glue, and some of the rockets that the kids will be launching will go almost half a mile high!  Any questions during assembly – let me know at the contact info above.  We’ll have extras to launch on-site as well – including the MAMMOTH 306 Rutland Rocket!

The launch will be held at  Rutland Heights – just behind Central Tree Middle School.  (Coming from Main Street, turn into Naquag and follow the road back past the Elementary school and past Central Tree.  Just after the Central Tree parking lot – as the road continues –  there is a dirt road on the right that goes up to a clearing behind the school.

A quick video of the approach:

We’ll see you there!

On to the soapbox derby!


Many thanks to Pack 141 for coming out and racing with us this year, and to all the parents and siblings who came to cheer on their kids, pull cars up hills, and enjoy a fun and successful day in Scouting.  (You know the saying: “Any Scouting event you can walk away from…” :)