We’re still wrapping up the 2014 Popcorn Sales but I’d like to share some fantastic news.  Pack 306 had two Scouts make the “Top 25″ sellers for all of Mohegan Council.  Ethan Hunt sold $2,506 and Harrison Herbert sold $2,000.   Ethan and Harrison will be invited to a special “Top 25″ dinner in March.  Great job to Ethan and Harrison!



(Ethan and Harrison with Quinsigamond District Popcorn Kernel Debbie McMillen at the Pack 306 October Meeting)


Here’s a link to the Mohegan Council website with more information on Popcorn Sales:



Mohegan Council Top 25 Sellers

Scout Unit Town District $ Sold
Jacob P. Troop 106 Grafton Mill Town $7,780
Matt B. Pack 46 Holden Quinsigamond $4,870
Jake B. Pack 46 Holden Quinsigamond $4,548
David G. Pack 107 Grafton Mill Town $4,458
Nicholas B. Pack 46 Holden Quinsigamond $3,555
Robert L. Pack 106 Grafton Mill Town $3,442
Daniel C. Pack 175 Holden Quinsigamond $2,543
Ryan F. Troop 158 Shrewsbury Quinsigamond $2,511
Ethan H. Pack 306 Rutland Quinsigamond $2,506
Hunter S. Troop 238 East Brookfield Mill Town $2,294
Tom B. Troop 158 Shrewsbury Quinsigamond $2,194
Harrison H. Pack 306 Rutland Quinsigamond $2,000
Justin D. Pack 103 Boylston Quinsigamond $1,934
Christopher M. Pack 180 Holden Quinsigamond $1,892
Lucas A. Pack 106 Grafton Mill Town $1,862
Tyler D. Troop 155 Whitinsville Mill Town $1,811
Joseph B. Pack 101 Auburn Quinsigamond $1,811
James A. Troop 106 Grafton Mill Town $1,808
Tommy L. Pack 103 Boylston Quinsigamond $1,807
Adam E. Pack 150 Northbridge Mill Town $1,806
Max Z. Troop 147 Oxford Mill Town $1,732
James D. Troop 158 Shrewsbury Quinsigamond $1,730
Zach K. Pack 132 Upton Mill Town $1,720
Alec T. Pack 125 Leicester Quinsigamond $1,692
Kenton O. Pack 106 Grafton Mill Town $1,669

Pack 306 at the Rutland Fire Department


Pack 306 visited the Rutland Fire Department on Sunday.  We had a guided tour of the Firehouse, a lesson on fire safety and 911 emergencies, a look at the trucks and the specialized equipment that our firefighters use, and a lot of honorary Pack 306 firefighters :)  Many thanks to the Rutland Fire Department and especially firemen Justin and Dan for taking time out of their day to teach our Scouts about this important public service and help them with some of their achievements.  At our next Den meeting, we’ll be putting together a special Thank You gift.